Alexander Stankiewicz

Alexander Stankiewicz (born 1993) started fencing in his teens with the small-sword in the tradition of the French school of the XIX century.

While growing up and getting “heavier,” his interest in weapons became heavier: first rapier, then saber, and then, finally his weapon of choice – the longsword after the tradition of Liechtenauer, mainly focused on Sigmund Schining ain Ringeck for the last four years. He is an active member of the HEMA Federation in Russia.

Studying Ringeck under Sergey Kultaev’s guidance, Alexander developed as an  assistant instructor in the FreiFechterGuilde and successfuly added some medals to the club’s collection (bronze at the FechtTerra 2015 and silver at the Big Moscow Tournament 2016).  He also placed in the top 16 at Swordfish X.

Meanwhile he has also worked as part of the organizing and judging teams of various St-Petersburg annual HEMA-events: FechtTerra (since 2014) and the St. Petersburg Challenge (since 2016).

In his spare time he is acts as a promoter of HEMA, administrating the largest Russian information resource – the “Longsword Club.”

At IGX 2016, he will act as an assistant for Sergey Kultaev’s workshops.

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