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About Arms & Armor:

Arms & Armor was founded in 1982 and is owned and operated by Christopher Poor. Chris has had a life-long interest in weapons and armor, reflected in his time spent as a professional jouster. This first-hand experience, plus scholarly research, provides a working knowledge of weapons and armor that few others achieve.

Arms & Armor crafts a wide variety of items, with the majority of work done in the Medieval and Renaissance styles. Each replica is researched and modeled from examples found in museums, private collections, and other historical sources. Our goal at Arms & Armor is to recreate the look and feel of the original in all respects. Literally to allow you, the customer, to get the best replica available today. A 16th century person would, hopefully, not quickly recognize a difference between one of our reproductions and a piece made in their own time. This means that all items are crafted by hand, so each piece varies slightly from any other. This hand-crafted attention to detail and commitment to authenticity has made us popular with museums, collectors, and reenactment groups around the world. We feel the excellence of our products is what the discriminating collector is looking for and demands. We hope your purchase from Arms & Armor exceeds your expectations.



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